Lash Extensions

Want to wake up everyday feeling ready for your day? Eyelash Extensions are for you. Eyelash extensions are synthetic lashes attached to your natural eyelashes to enhance their length and volume. A Classic Set is one synthetic lash attached to a single eyelash, a Volume Set is multiple synthetic lashes(a fan) attached to a single eyelash, and a Hybrid Set is a combination of singles and fans. There are multiple lengths and curls to choose from, so we can customize your set just for you. With a set of lashes you will never need to wear mascara again.


Lash Lift/Lamination and Tint

Want curled, longer, darker lashes everyday without the mascara or the maintenance of Lash Extensions? Try a Lash Lamination and Tint. Lash Laminations perm your lashes into a lifted, curled position. Lash Laminations create the same effect as a Lash Lift using a gentler solution. All Lash Laminations come with a Tint to darken the lashes. Open your eyes with a Lash Lamination and Tint.


Brow Lamination and Tint

If you struggle with unruly, thinning, or uneven brows a Brow Lamination and Tint can be a great solution for you. A Brow Lamination allows me to re-shape your brows, no needles or permanent makeup necessary. This service is suitable for all hair types–thin, coarse, or anywhere in between. Brow Laminations create more volume and structure to your brows making them easier to style. After laminating the brows, I tint them with a color of your choice, typically one to compliment your hair color. Come in today and enhance your brows.


Brow Waxing

Shape your eyebrows with a quick wax! I use hard wax at High Definition Esthetics because it is gentler on the skin and allows me to go over areas if necessary. After shaping your brows with wax, I tweeze where necessary and trim your brow hair(if you need it).


Brow Waxing and Tint

Want your brows darker and more defined? Add a tint to your wax.